Floral Decorations/Art

General tips

  • Use sharp scissors and cut stems at angles so that there is a greater area to absorb the water
  • Remove any damaged leaves
  • Place foliage on the display first, add the flowers last
  • Use wires or pins to make something sit in place
  • Do a practice one at home
  • Use the small pieces that you cut off if possible
  • When you are creating it keep standing back and having a look at it
  • Be careful of using big stems as the oasis will disintegrate
  • Use an odd numbers of flowers
  • Ask yourself:—is there movement in it? Is the foliage varied and of different shapes? Are there interesting flowers?
  • Gypsophila is a good filler flower
  • Soak the oasis before you leave home and travel to the park on the day
  • Remember you don’t have to totally hide the bowl Bing a trug or similar to collect any unwanted foliage / flowers
  • Spray water over the display when you have finished