1. That the event be known as “The Worcester Show” (Formerly known as “The City of Worcester Flower Show”.
2. That the organising group be known as “The Worcester Show Committee”.
3. That the objectives of this Committee are:
a. To organise and stage an annual community event.
b. To raise funds to contribute towards the operation of the event
c. To recruit volunteers from the local community who will assist in the running of the event.
d. To run the show on the day for the enjoyment and benefit of all.
e. To promote horticulture, arts and crafts.
4. The business of The Worcester Show shall be conducted by a Committee, which will consist of a Chair, and a Secretary, and up to eight other members of the committee who may join the committee by invitation. No more than two individuals from any one organisation at any one time will be represented on the committee. One officer and three other members shall form a quorum. Such a committee will have the power to co-opt.
5. No member may be proposed as an officer of the Committee unless they have served on the committee for at least twelve months, so as to maintain continuity.
6. A statement of annual accounts will be made available to any interested parties.
7. The Committee will have the powers to appoint advisers to the Committee as necessary to fulfil its business.
8. The Committee will have the powers to appoint Patrons and advisors to the Committee as necessary to contribute to the welfare of the event.