Create a picture or collage about ‘Historic Worcester’ to mark the 400 year anniversary of the City Charter, no bigger than A3. Decorate the border using any medium.

ClassAge Category
Class 11010 to 3 years old (with adult assistance)
Class 11024 to 7 years old
Class 11038 to 11 years old
Create a miniature fish tank. Resulting creation must be able to fit on an A3 size sheet.
ClassAge Category
Class 11044 to 7 years old
Class 11058 - 11 years old
Worcester Resource Exchange Competition Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Using any clean items from your recycling design, make and decorate a ‘Scraptastic Robot’. Resulting creation must be able to fit on an A4 sheet of paper.
ClassAge Category
Class 11064 to 7 years old
Class 11078 - 11 years old
Clay Nation. Design and make an imaginary Super Hero / Heroine. Give it a name and tell us about their special superpower. Resulting creation must be able to fit on an A4 sheet.
ClassAge Category
Class 11084 to 7 years old
Class 11098 - 11 years old
Paint a pebble! Any design but must include #WorcesterShow.
ClassAge Category
Class 11104 to 7 years old
Class 11118 - 11 years old
Fruit and Veg Creation. using any fruit and/or vegetable create an animal you might find in a forest. Resulting creation must be able to fit on an A3 sheet of paper.
Class 11124 to 7 years old
Class 11138 to 11 years old

A Worcester Show Trophy will be awarded to the winner of this class section.

Please note, the Fun & Creativity Section will be staged and judged on Saturday 14 August.

Section Rules

Please read section rules very carefully. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.

  • All entries must be the unaided work of the child unless entering class 1101.
  • The age of each competitor will be taken into account by the judges.
  • 1st place winners of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle will be awarded bronze membership at WRE for a year.

Hints and tips for exhibitors

  • Try and not copy cartoon characters, make up your own.
  • Play, create, use your imagination and have lots of fun.
  • For inspiration, use a sketchbook to draw and paint your ideas from original sources if possible. Take photos and look at books in your local library or the internet for images that you like for inspiration.
  • Join a local environmental charity such as Worcestershire Resource Exchange and collect some exciting materials for creative projects that will normally go to landfill.
  • Go to shoe shops for boxes or ask in the local shop/ superstore. Look at the packaging in cupboards and use images, texts, shapes in your creations.
  • Fill a box full of interesting household waste, plastic bottles of all sizes, matchboxes, cereal boxes over a period of time for creative possibilities.
  • Rather than buying objects try and make your own ideas as much as possible from natural and recycled materials.
  • Try and develop your own ideas, points will be awarded for imagination and originality.