Class 901handmade toy, suitable for a child under the age of eleven, using any medium
Class 902A woodwork or metal work item
Class 903House of Haby Competition Any hand-knitted child’s garment
Class 904Any hand-knitted adult’s garment
Class 905Any crochet garment
Class 906Any crochet accessory
Class 907Wot A Hoot Competition NOVICE CLASS Any hand-knitted item
Class 908Stitchkit Competition NOVICE CLASS Any crochet item
Class 909Item of jewellery, any medium
Class 910Goose Chase Quilting Competition Quilt/quilted item (display folded, not to exceed 610mm x 610mm)
Class 911Any unframed embroidery item
Class 912A framed cross-stitch item
Class 913Any papercraft item, can include origami, calligraphy, die cuts and quilling techniques (no computerised work). Maximum display size 300 x 300mm
Class 914Creative Hands Competition One child’s garment, sewn by hand or machine
Class 915A thrift item – articles must be made from scraps, oddments and anything else which would otherwise be thrown away. Must state original item/s and previous use (not to exceed 610mm overall)
Class 916Miscellaneous craft, anything made by hand which cannot be entered in any of the
above classes
Class 917UNDER 18s ONLY Any handmade item reflecting skills from any of the above classes

The St Wulstan’s Robin Walker Trophy will be awarded to the winner of this class section.

Please note, the Handicraft Section will be staged and judged on Saturday 14 August

Section Rules

  • Each exhibit will have a maximum display space of 610mm x 610mm, including the
    frame, unless otherwise stated.
  • All entries must have been completed within the last two years.
  • Embroidery kits are allowed. If a kit is used, please state it is a kit.
  • Do not re-enter items entered in previous years.
  • Entrants into classes 907 & 908 NOVICE CLASSES, must not have won a first prize in Classes 903, 904, 905 or 906 respectively in any previous Worcester Show.
  • Computerised work entered into Class 913 will be discounted.
  • For Classes 903, 910 & 914, prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to the value of £10, £5 and £3 will be awarded respectively, in the form of Prize Vouchers. For Classes 907 and 908, prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to the value of £35, £10 and £5 will be awarded respectively, in the form of Prize Vouchers.