Stalls at the Worcester Show

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Worcester Show is proud to host a wide variety of stalls, many showcasing local talent and creativity. Traders are split into two types; Market Street Stalls and Independent Stalls. In the heart of the Show you will find the avenue of Market Street Stalls, creating a lively hustle and bustle atmosphere. Throughout the park, dotted amongst the entertainment you will find a wide variety of Independent Stalls, ranging from local charities to plant specialists.

Stall Holder Prices 2018


Premium Pitch (5m x 5m) FULLY BOOKED£85
End Market Stall End FULLY BOOKED£65

Stall space consists of overhead, side and rear cover for approx 10ft x 7ft space. Uncovered trestle.
Standard Pitch (3m x 3m) FULLY BOOKED£30
Caterer FULLY BOOKEDPlease make an offer
Entertainer FULLY BOOKEDPlease make an offer