Class 701A Tea Loaf, recipe to be displayed with loaf.
Class 702Granthams Garage Competition One Victoria sandwich cake (raspberry jam filling, caster sugar dusting and using a sponge tin no larger than 200mm diameter). Recipe to be stated. (250mm max overall display size)
Class 703New Sarah's Baking Mad Competition One decorated cake with the theme Historic
Worcester to mark the 400 year anniversary of the Charter, dummy cakes permitted
(250mm max overall display size)
Class 704One cake suitable for a special diet (max size 200mm diameter, 250mm max overall display size). Special diet to be displayed and recipe stated.
Class 705Six sweet scones (250mm max overall display size).
Class 706Six savoury scones (250mm max overall display size).
Class 707A box of sweet biscuits. Presented as a gift but able to be opened for judging, with two extra pieces for tasting.
Class 708Six decorated cup cakes (to be judged on both taste and decoration)
Class 709A batch of six brown rolls or six white rolls
Class 710Lemon Tart competition Fancy loaf, decorated or shaped
Class 711New Any bread from Eastern Europe
Class 712A vegetarian pizza (300mm max overall display size).
Class 713A vegetarian quiche (300mm max overall display size).
Class 714One jar of strawberry jam (jars no smaller than 227g (8oz))
Class 715One jar of raspberry jam (jars no smaller than 227g (8oz))
Class 716One jar of any other jam (jars no smaller than 227g (8oz))
Class 717One jar of fruit jelly (jars no smaller than 227g (8ozs))
Class 718One jar of fruit marmalade (jars no smaller than 227g (8oz))
Class 719One jar of honey
Class 720One jar of chutney, any kind (jars no smaller than 227g (8oz))
Class 721One jar of pickled vegetables (vinegar preserve, not in mustard sauce), any kind (jars
no smaller than 227g (8oz))
Class 722A flavoured oil, infused for a minimum of three months before showing. Please state the date when made on the label.
Class 723NEW Any homemade wine. Please state type and date bottled on the label.
Class 724UNDER 18s ONLY 'My favourite bake', anything from classes 701 to 713

The Worcester In Bloom Andrew Baynham Trophy will be awarded to the winner of this section.

Please note, the Cakes & Preserves Section will be staged and judged on Saturday 14 August.

Section Rules

Please read section rules very carefully. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.

  • All exhibits must be made by the exhibitor including homemade pastries, breads, pizza bases etc.
  • Exhibitors must provide own plate and cover for exhibit (excluding jars or bottles).
  • Jars may be reused but jars and lids showing trade names are not acceptable.
  • All preserves must have new twist top lids or a waxed disc and cellophane cover.
  • Labels should be stuck to the jar and not loose tied.
  • Full date of making is required on the label.
  • No meat or fish to be used in any dish.
  • In the interests of food safety, no meat, fish or fresh cream to be used in any dish.
  • Vinegar proof lids should be used for chutneys and pickles.
  • An exhibitor may enter up to two distinct entries per class.
  • Cakes & Preserves will be judged by Womens Institute criteria.
  • Prizes for sponsored classes include: Class 702 – £20 car service voucher (1st only); Class 703 – £20 cash (1st only); Class 710 – Vouchers £10 (1st), £5 (2nd), £3 (3rd).

Hints and tips on exhibiting

Class 701 – A Tea Loaf

  • Feel free to experiment with flavoured or fruit teas.
  • Display your recipe to help the judge identify flavours
  • Don’t use a bought tin liner; demonstrate your skills to the judge.
  • Remember that a tea loaf should be served sliced with butter so there is no need for decoration.

Class 702 – One Victoria Sandwich Cake

  • Read the instructions! Do not use icing sugar to dust the cake and only use a jam filling.
  • You may use shop bought jam.
  • You may use the “all-in” mix to achieve a lighter sponge.

Class 703 – One Decorated “Celebration” Cake

(max size 200mm overall)

  • Covering of the cake can be royal icing, sugar-paste or buttercream. A cake or a dummy is acceptable as the decoration only will be judged.  The cake must be presented on a cake board. The theme for the occasion should be obvious.  No artificial decorations should be used.  Wires used in flower sprays are acceptable but should be taped.

Class 705 – Six Fruit Scones

  • Present six scones only, not seven or five.
  • Judges are looking for consistency in size, shape and colour.
  • Be careful not to burn the fruit on top of the scones.

Class 709 – Six Brown Rolls or Six White Rolls

  • Display your rolls in a bread basket.
  • You may do rolls of assorted shapes.

Class 713 – One Jar of any berry Fruit Jam

  • Ensure that no company trade-marks are visible on any jars.
  • Lids should be brand new, re-used lids may taint the product.
  • Fill jars so that as much air is displaced as possible. This helps to preserve the jam for longer.

Class 715 – One Jar of Fruit Jelly

  • A fruit jelly should be clear, containing no fruit solids.
  • Polish your jar to make it as bright as possible when staging.
  • A fruit jelly should wobble.

Class 716 – One Jar of Fruit Marmalade

  • Keep the shred size uniform.

Class 718 – A Jar of Chutney

  • Chutney should be well ‘cooked down’. A relish has ingredients that are only half cooked.
  • Please state if the chutney is ‘hot’ or contains a strong flavour.
  • If you are trying to achieve an unusual flavour then let the judge know by displaying the ingredient.