The St Wulstan’s Founder’s Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Vegetable & Fruit class section.

Please note, the Vegetable & Fruit Section will be staged and judged on Saturday 10th August.

Section Rules

  • Vegetables & Fruit will be judged as per the RHS Horticultural Show Handbook.
  • Roots of non-root vegetables must be gently washed clean and should be no more than 100mm (4”) long.
  • All root vegetables should be cleaned gently, with tops trimmed to no more than 75mm (3”)
  • Exhibitors must provide their own plates, baskets, etc.
  • An exhibitor may enter up to two entries per class.
  • Display the name of the variety of the exhibit; if the variety is unknown then the exhibit should be marked “unknown”.
ClassDescription - Vegetables & Fruit
Class 301 Seasonal display of three distinct kinds of vegetable
Class 302Seasonal display of three distinct kinds of salad vegetables
Class 303Six different cut herbs in individual containers (space not to exceed 300 x 300mm). Herbs should be labelled.

Class 304Beetroot, three in total

Class 305Carrots, three

Class 306Beans, Runner, six pods

Class 307Beans, French, six pods

Class 308Cabbage, one
Class 309Cucumber, two
Class 310Onions, three, 250g and over
Class 311Onions, three, under 250g
Class 312Potatoes, white, five, one variety

Class 313Potatoes, coloured, five, one variety
Class 314Tomatoes, five

Class 315Tomatoes, six, small fruited and cherry cultivars
Class 316Courgettes, two, between 100-200mm, with flowers
Class 317Garlic globes, three
Class 318Marrows, matching pair
Class 319Any other vegetable not included above, two
Class 320Any combination of three fruits

Class 321Growing herbs or vegetable in an unusual container (not to exceed 210 x 297mm)

Class 322‘My Busy Allotment’ Competition -
An arrangement to reflect a productive British allotment, designed in either a trug or basket. To consist of a mix of flowers, fruit and vegetables

*Prize Winning Class*
Class 323A collection of three types of vegetables taken from the following list, the required quantity of each vegetable is given in brackets: carrots (3), cauliflower(2), onions (3) parsnips (3), peas (6 pods) potatoes (3), runner beans (6 pods), tomatoes (6), french beans (6 pods), sweetcorn (2), pepper (3), cucumber (2), courgette (3), red beet (3), aubergine (2).


Judges will look for meritorious and defective features. The Worcester Show aims to encourage the competitive spirit amongst amateurs. Therefore the ‘professional’ judging using a points system will not be used but Judges can refer to the ‘RHS Horticultural Show Handbook’ guide to organising, judging and competing in a show’.

Notes compiled by Bill Simpson, Previous Worcester Show, Floral and Fruit & Vegetable Judge.

Vegetable & Fruit hints and tips