General Information

  1. No entry fee for 2021.
  2. No prize money.
    1. medals will be awarded in each class
    2. prizes will be awarded in sponsored classes as stated
  3. A trophy will be awarded for each Section, to the exhibitor with the most points. Points will be awarded in each Class as follows:- 1st – 3 points; 2nd – 2 points; 3rd – 1 point. In the event of a tie on points between exhibitors, it will be awarded to the exhibitor gaining most 1st prizes. If they tie on the same amount of 1st prizes, it will go to the competitor with the most 2nd prizes. Alternatively extra half points can be given to an exceptional exhibit.
  4. There will be an additional trophy awarded for the ‘Best in Section’ for the following sections: Photography and Handicraft. This is not based on points, it will be awarded to the exhibitor with the ‘exceptional exhibit’ as deemed by the judge in the chosen section.
  5. A trophy will be awarded to the ‘Best in Show’. This is based on the total number of points accumulated by an individual exhibitor.
  6. A trophy will be awarded to the ‘Under 18s Best in Show’. This is based on the total number of points accumulated in Under 18s classes by an individual.
  7. A large shield will be awarded to the winner of the Schools competition and a smaller shield awarded to the runner up.
  8. Judging will take place from 11.45am on Saturday and 10.15am on Sunday. During the judging, only judges and their assistants will be allowed in the marquee.
  9. Prizes in any Section Class may be withdrawn at the discretion of the judges. Any exhibit not in accordance with the schedule rules may be disqualified by the judges. If there is only one entrant in a class it does not mean it receives 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize automatically, this will be up to the judges’ discretion. In all cases, the judges’ decisions are final.

General Rules

  1. All exhibits shown for competition must have been grown (other than Section 2 and Section 6) or produced by amateurs only and must be the bona-fide property of the exhibitor,
  2. An exhibitor may enter up to two exhibits in each class apart from Section 4 where exhibitors may only enter one exhibit.
  3. All entries shall be made on the prescribed form and forwarded to Worcester Show Committee, Worcester City Council, Guildhall, High Street, Worcester, WR1 2EY or via the Worcester Show website no later than 10.00am on Monday 9 August 2021 except Photography entries which should be no later than 5.00pm on Wednesday 4 August 2021.
  4. All exhibits in Sections 6 to 11 (except photographs which must be submitted in advance) must be staged from 8.30am to 11.30am on Saturday 14 August 2021.
  5. All exhibits in Sections 1 to 5 & 12 must be staged from 7.30am to 10.00am on Sunday 15 August 2021. Competitors are requested to leave the marquee immediately after displaying their exhibits.
  6. Once an exhibit is in place it must not be removed, rearranged or interfered with in any way, unless permission has first been obtained from the Marquee Steward.
  7. No exhibit shall be removed from the show until 5.00pm on Show day (Sunday 15 August).
  8. While every reasonable care shall be taken of any property of exhibitors, the Committee cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage sustained during the Show.
  9. All winners of cups or trophies must agree to return them to the Worcester Show Committee, Worcester City Council by Monday 22 July 2022.
  10. Members of the general public will not be allowed into either marquee until they are officially opened.
  11. Do not enter any craft exhibit that you have entered in a previous Worcester Show.
  12. Children may enter any section but they will be judged against adults unless stated in the section details.