With ten sections and over 130 classes ranging from flowers and floral decorations to handicrafts and photography, there is something for everyone, including children and teenagers.

Sections include:

  1. Floral
  2. Cacti and Succulents
  3. Vegetables and Fruit
  4. Giant Vegetables
  5. Novice Vegetables and Fruit
  6. Floral Decorations/Art
  7. Cakes and Preserves
  8. Handicraft
  9. Photography
  10. Fun and Creativity
  11. Schools Competition
  12. Under 18s Classes

Floral Marquee

The Floral Marquee stages the Floral, Cacti & Succulents, Vegetables & Fruit, Novice Vegetables & Fruit and Floral Decorations / Art Sections. Staging tables are available within the marquee for set up and water is provided for cut flowers.

Find it in the main field opposite the Pump House Environment Centre.

Craft Marquee

The Craft Marquee stages the Cakes & Preserves, Handicraft, Photography and Fun & Creativity Sections.

Find it in the second field at the end of the Market Street, opposite the Childrens Zone.