The Duckworth Worcestershire Trust Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Floral Decorations/Art class section.

Please note, the Floral Decorations/Art Section will be staged and judged on Saturday 10 August.

Section Rules

Please read section rules very carefully. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.

  • All exhibits will be displayed on a table; table depth is approximately 610mm.
  • Displays may be partially assembled before staging in the Show marquee.
  • Only completed displays to be placed on the show bench. Extra tables will be provided for
  • Flowers in all classes need not be grown by the exhibitor.
  • Accessories are allowed unless otherwise stated.
  • The use of floral foam (oasis) is strictly forbidden. Entries found to be using it may not be judged.
  • An exhibitor may enter up to two entries per class.
Class Description - Floral Decorations / Art
Class 501New The Land that Time Forgot - An arrangement inspired by prehistory. Accessories permitted.

*Prize Winning Class*
Class 502
New A table arrangement including a candle (unlit)
Class 503New Something Old - A petite arrangement between 17cm and 25cm in width and depth, no taller than 37cm.
Class 504New A decorated hat
Class 505A pressed flower display
Class 506New A pedestal arrangement (please specify on application whether it is table or floor mounted)

The ‘Grace Onslow Thorp Memorial Cup’ will be awarded to the winning entry.

Floral Decorations/Art hints & tips