A Worcester Show Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Giant Vegetables class section.

Please note the Giant Vegetable Section will be staged and judged on Saturday 10th August.

Section Rules

Please read section rules very carefully. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.

  • All exhibits must be the property of, and cultivated by, the exhibitor.
  • All giant vegetables will be weighted and measured on the day.
  • Display the name of the variety of the exhibit; if the variety is unknown then the exhibit should be marked “unknown”.
  • Vegetables in this section must be longer / larger than your entries in Section 3.
  • An exhibitor may enter up to two entries per class.
ClassDescription - Giant Vegetables
Class 401Runner bean, longest
Class 402Carrot, longest
Class 403Marrow, heaviest

*Prize Winning Class*
Class 404Cabbage, heaviest
Class 405Cucumber, heaviest
Class 406Onion, heaviest


Judges will look for meritorious and defective features. The Worcester Show aims to encourage the competitive spirit amongst amateurs. Therefore the ‘professional’ judging using a points system will not be used but Judges can refer to the ‘RHS Horticultural Show Handbook’ guide to organising, judging and competing in a show’.

Notes compiled by Bill Simpson, Worcester Show, Floral and Fruit & Vegetable Judge.

Giant Vegetable hints & tips