The St Wulstan’s G.A. Palmer Trophy will be awarded to the winner of Photography class section.

Please Note, the Photography Section is judged before the Show the deadline for Photography entries is 5pm on Thursday 4th August. This is to allow time for the judge to write constructive comments where appropriate.

Sponsored classes:

Section Rules

Please read section rules very carefully. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.

  • All photographs must have been taken by the exhibitor, but may have been processed etc. commercially.
  • No photographs that have been entered previously will be accepted.
  • For display purposes, all prints must be securely mounted on a rigid A4 (210mm x 297mm) board or pre-cut mounts with windows. No frames or folders.
  • Prints may be in colour or black and white (unless otherwise stated).
Class Description
Class 1001New An image of people connecting with each other
Class 1002Happy Feet Competition An action shot (an image capturing movement)
Class 1003Macro (close up image)
Class 1004A black and white photograph
Class 1005An amusing photograph (with caption)
Class 1006'Wildlife'. A photograph of flora or fauna in the natural environment
Class 1007New A head and shoulders portrait
Class 1008My garden or allotment
Class 1009New Capture the spirit of the Queen's Jubilee
Class 1010New 'My Favourite Pet' Competition Prize by The McArthur, Barstow & Gibbs Veterinary Surgery
Class 1011UNDER 18s ONLY ‘My Best Shot’ – anything from classes 1001 to 1009
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