The Find It Do It Community Marquee is designed, created and delivered by Worcester people, they’re all volunteers and everything inside is gifted and donated.

Find out what you can do in Worcester, meet new community groups, try out something different or just chill out and relax!

This is what happened in 2023, check back to find out what is happening in 2024!

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The Big Worcester Doodle!

What is the Big Worcester Doodle?

Timeout and ONSIDE have joined forces with the Worcester Show team to create The Big Worcester Doodle – a unique piece of community art which is came to life at the Worcester Show 2023.

Why doodles?

For many, doodling is an everyday activity that provides moments of mindfulness/head space, helps to reduce stress and can even help our memory. Doodling can be just the break your brain needs to help retain information, fill gaps in thinking patterns and allow our minds to ‘breathe’ whilst taking in vast amounts of information.

Taking a few minutes out of our day to day activities can also be great for our mental health. Not only can it help us to problem solve – a moment of mindfulness can improve our mood, help us to feel less overwhelmed and can even offer us a form of mini meditation.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why doodling is a great option:

  • It’s super easy – anyone can do it
  • It’s free and easily accessible – you just need a pen and paper
  • It doesn’t need to look a certain way – it’s a personal form of expression
  • It ignites creativity in us
  • It provides us with a ‘mini pause’ in our day

For doodle inspiration please check out our Pinterest board