Judges Tips: Fun & Creativity

Judges Tips: Fun & Creativity2018-08-01T20:38:20+00:00
  1. Try and not copy other cartoon characters, make up your own if you’re using characters in lego.
  2. For inspiration, use a sketchbook to  draw and paint your ideas from original sources if possible.   Take photos and look at books in your local library or the internet for images that you like for inspiration.
  3. Play, create,  use your imagination and have lots of fun.
  4. Join a local environmental charity such as Worcestershire Resource Exchange and collect some exciting materials for creative projects, that will normally go to landfill.
  5. Fill a box full of interesting household waste, plastic bottles of all sizes, matchboxes, cereal boxes over a period of time for creative possibilities.
  6. For ideas on fashion and clothing look a the V & A website and the Fashion and Textile Museum
  7. Rather than buying objects for the fantasy garden try and make your own ideas as much as possible from natural and recycled materials.
  8. Try and develop your own ideas, points will be awarded for imagination and originality.

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