1. If you are successful with your application, you will be required to provide copies of the following before the event: –
    1. Public Liability Insurance Cover. This is essential for entertainers and stallholders providing activities for members of the public to participate in. High risk activities require a PLI of £5,000,000; low risk activities require a PLI of £2,000,000. The Certificate must be in date for the period of the Show.
    2. Risk Assessment.This is essential for entertainers and stallholders providing activities for members of the public to participate in.
  2. Food outlets are required to display a current Food Hygiene Certificate with a rating of at least 3 stars. Please see the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme for further information. Please note that you may be subject to a spot check on the day. The operation of any food business/stall must comply with the Food Hygiene England Regulations 2013 and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. In addition, please indicate which local authority you are registered with. This is only applicable to food sold for consumption on the day. Please note stalls offering high risk foods, e.g., burgers/ meat products, sandwiches, etc. must have appropriate hand wash and sanitising facilities in place.
  3. If you are selling food and are not registered with a local authority, you are required to register and have been inspected by your Local Authority. Please register with Worcestershire Regulatory Services01905 822799 or enquiries@worcsregservices.gov.uk, which is free of charge.
  4. Market Street stallholders are only permitted to sell premade food. This means food must not be cooked or assembled directly from your Market Stall.
  5. Stallholders are required to provide fire extinguishers and / or firefighting equipment where appropriate when in attendance at the event.
  6. Stallholders must comply with all relevant legislation and Health and Safety regulations and follow the rules and / or instruction of the Council or any other bodies or authorities overseeing the event at all times.
  7. Natasha’s Law. All food outlets are required to provide full ingredient lists with clear allergen labelling on Pre-Packed for Direct Sale foods (PPDS). PPDS is food that is prepared, prepacked and offered or sold to consumers on the same premises.
  8. Stallholders are not permitted to bring anything of a combustible nature onto the site unless previously agreed in writing.
  9. The event finishes at 5pm, please note that you will not be allowed to take down your stall until after 5pm when it is safe to do so.
  10. Please complete the Application Form online via our website.
  11. We will endeavour to respond to your application within 10 working days.
  12. If you are successful, you will be invoiced separately. Do not send us cheques or cash directly, please follow the instructions on the invoice you will receive. Full payment is required within the time frame stated on the invoice to confirm your booking. All payments are non-refundable.
  13. If you are successful, you will be sent details regarding set up and take down times including directions etc. in July. Please ensure you arrive within the guidelines, early breaking down is strictly prohibited.
  14. The Worcester Show is an outdoor event, which may be subject to unpredictable inclement UK weather and may be cancelled at short notice.
  15. In the event that Government guidance and / or legislation in respect of the Covid-19 pandemic (or any subsequent pandemic) changes, the event may be reduced in size or cancelled in its entirety, and this may be at very short notice.
  16. The Council is not liable for:
    1. the death of, or injury to the stallholder or its employees.
    2. damage to any property of the stallholder or its employees.
    3. any losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs or expenses or other liability whether direct or indirect or any consequential losses incurred by the stallholder or their employees.
  17. The stallholder shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Council from, and against, all legal liability in respect of loss, damage, actions, costs, claims, and demands in respect of any damage to any property moveable or immoveable, or injury to or death of any person by reason of, or arising in any way directly, or indirectly out of the presence of the stallholder, its employees, or agents.
  18. The stallholder shall not cause, or allow to be caused, any avoidable damage to the site during the event.
  19. The stallholder shall not arrange for, or encourage, fly posting or other illegal advertising within the City of Worcester in connection with their performance.
  20. Being granted a stall, regardless of the location allocated to you, will not guarantee a high level of sales. You and your staff must take responsibility for display, the quality of the goods you sell, and your attitude towards customers, the event organiser & market staff, and fellow stall holders at all times.
  21. Stallholders must keep their pitch clean and tidy. No waste may be placed in public or council bins. All waste must be taken with you at the end of the event and disposed of appropriately. Failure to remove waste will result in removal charges of £100 per bag.
  22. Worcester City Council and the Worcester Show has agreed to end the purchase and use of single use plastics. Please ensure that all packaging at the Worcester Show is plastic free. All stallholders must comply with current legislation relating to single use plastics.