Class 801A handmade toy, suitable for a child under the age of eleven, using any medium
Class 802A woodwork or metal work item
Class 803Any hand-knitted item
Class 804Any crochet item.
Class 805NOVICE CLASS Any hand-knitted or crochet item.
Class 806Item of jewellery, any medium.
Class 807Quilt/quilted item (display folded, not to exceed 610mm x 610mm).
Class 808Any unframed embroidery item .
Class 809A framed cross-stitch item (not to exceed 610mm x 610mm).
Class 810Any papercraft item, can include origami, calligraphy, die cuts and quilling techniques (no computerised work). Maximum display size 300x300mm.
Class 811One child’s garment, excluding knitted of crochet items.
Class 812New A painting using oil or acrylics(not to exceed 610mm overall including frame)
Class 813New A painting using watercolours (not to exceed 610mm overall including frame)
Class 814New A painting using mixed media (not to exceed 610mm overall including frame)
Class 815A picture, pastels/pencils/charcoal (not to exceed 610mm overall including frame)
Class 816New A Sculpture, any medium (base not to exceed 610mm x 610mm)
Class 817A thrift item – articles must be made from scraps, oddments and anything else which would otherwise be thrown away. Must state original item/s and previous use (not to exceed 610mm overall)
Class 818Miscellaneous craft, anything made by hand which cannot be entered in any of the above classes
Class 819UNDER 18s ONLY Any handmade item reflecting skills from any of the above classes

Please note, the Handicraft Section will be staged and judged on Saturday 11 August.

The St Wulstan’s Robin Walker Trophy will be awarded to the winner of this class section.

Section Rules

Please read section rules very carefully. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.

  • All exhibits must be made by the exhibitor.
  • Each exhibit will have a maximum display space of 610mm x 610mm, including the frame,
    unless otherwise stated.
  • Classes 812 and 813 must be framed and ready to hang at the Show. No clip frames.
  • All entries must have been completed within the last two years.
  • Embroidery kits are allowed. If a kit is used, please state it is a kit.
  • Do not re-enter items entered in previous years.
  • Entrants into class 805 NOVICE CLASS, must not have won a first prize in Class 803 or Class 804
    in any previous Worcester show.
  • Computerised work entered into Class 810 will be discounted.
  • All artists’ signatures must be covered for anonymous judging.
  • An exhibitor may enter up to two entries per class.

Hints and tips for exhibitors

  • Read the schedule and follow all the instructions.
  • Make sure your entry is not oversize (if applicable).
  • Take care with finish and detail.
  • If ‘handmade’ is stated in the class description – this means that the exhibit must have been made entirely by hand e.g. no sewing machining
  • Present and display your work to its very best advantage.
  • Make sure you are entering the correct class.
  • Read the schedule and follow all the instructions – twice I know, but it’s doubly important!
  • Enjoy yourself!