Class 601 – A Tea Loaf

  • Feel free to experiment with flavoured or fruit teas.
  • Display your recipe to help the judge identify flavours
  • Don’t use a bought tin liner; demonstrate your skills to the judge.
  • Remember that a tea loaf should be served sliced with butter so there is no need for decoration.

Class 602 – One Victoria Sandwich Cake

  • Read the instructions! Do not use icing sugar to dust the cake and only use a jam filling.
  • You may use shop bought jam.
  • You may use the “all-in” mix to achieve a lighter sponge.

Class 603 – One Decorated “Celebration” Cake

(max size 200mm overall)

  • Covering of the cake can be royal icing, sugar-paste or buttercream. A cake or a dummy is acceptable as the decoration only will be judged.  The cake must be presented on a cake board. The theme for the occasion should be obvious.  No artificial decorations should be used.  Wires used in flower sprays are acceptable but should be taped.

Class 605 – Six Fruit Scones

  • Present six scones only, not seven or five.
  • Judges are looking for consistency in size, shape and colour.
  • Be careful not to burn the fruit on top of the scones.

Class 609 – Six Brown Rolls or Six White Rolls

  • Display your rolls in a bread basket.
  • You may do rolls of assorted shapes.

Class 616 – One Jar of any berry Fruit Jam

  • Ensure that no company trade-marks are visible on any jars.
  • Lids should be brand new, re-used lids may taint the product.
  • Fill jars so that as much air is displaced as possible. This helps to preserve the jam for longer.

Class 617 – One Jar of Fruit Jelly

  • A fruit jelly should be clear, containing no fruit solids.
  • Polish your jar to make it as bright as possible when staging.
  • A fruit jelly should wobble.

Class 618 – One Jar of Fruit Marmalade

  • Keep the shred size uniform.

Class 620 – A Jar of Chutney

  • Chutney should be well ‘cooked down’. A relish has ingredients that are only half cooked.
  • Please state if the chutney is ‘hot’ or contains a strong flavour.
  • If you are trying to achieve an unusual flavour then let the judge know by displaying the ingredient.