Class 119UNDER 18s ONLY 1 vase of flowers, no more than 6 stems, no less than 2 types
Class 209UNDER 18s ONLY Three pots cacti/succulents (pots not exceeding 120mm across rim)
The Worcester Cactus Society is offering free membership to every entrant in Class 209.
Class 328UNDER 18s ONLY Seasonal display of 3 different kinds of vegetables or salad veg
Class 329UNDER 18s ONLY Growing herbs or vegetable in an unusual container (not to exceed 210 x 297mm
Class 605New UNDER 18s ONLY Anything from classes 601 to 604 in Floral Decorations/Art
Class 721UNDER 18s ONLY ‘My favourite bake’, anything from classes 701 to 712
Class 819UNDER 18s ONLY Any handmade item reflecting skills from any of the 801 to 817 Section 8 Handicraft classes.
Class 910UNDER 18s ONLY ‘My Best Shot’ – anything from classes 901 to 909

A trophy will be awarded to the entrant with the most points earned in the UNDER 18s Classes.

Section Rules

Please read section rules very carefully. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.

  • All entries into the UNDER 18’s Classes will be subject to the same rules as the adult classes.
    Please check the specific rules in each relevant Section.

Entry form